What Age Can baby Eat Peanuts

When I saw my son ate peanuts I was surprised because at age of 1 year and 9 months he start eating peanuts. I do know if the age 21 months is the right age of the baby eating nuts. Upon searching on what age can children eat nuts I found out that as young as 4-6 months the baby can eat peanuts as long they don’t have any allergies on it.

When our son eat peanuts we assure that we watch him eating and practice 1 peanut at a time because it is dangerous for them to eat this small peace of peanuts and it can cause choking. Upon searching also about what age can children eat peanuts, I found this important question.

Q. When my baby eats nuts?

A: The advice on this has recently changed (in a big way!). It used to be that parents were told to hold off on peanuts and tree nuts such as almonds and walnuts until as late as three years of age because of food allergy risks. But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has adjusted their recommendations based on important research findings. It’s now believed that delaying foods like tree nuts and peanuts doesn’t protect against allergies—and introducing them early is actually best.

According to the AAP, you can feed your baby common allergens like fish, eggs, and nuts when starting solids because there’s no evidence that avoiding them prevents allergies (it’s always smart to talk to your child’s pediatrician first).

In the case of peanuts, there’s new specific guidance based on a landmark study showing that babies who were fed peanuts early had a lower risk of developing an allergy. It’s now recommended that babies with a high risk for peanut allergies because of eczema or egg allergy be given peanut as young as 4-6 months—as long as allergy testing is negative (your doctor may also suggest doing the first feeding of peanut in the office). Babies with mild to moderate eczema should get peanut around six months of age. And babies without eczema or other allergy risk factors can have peanut anytime after starting solids.

Also remember if your baby eat peanuts, lets make extra careful with them.



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