When Do Babies Start Growing Hair

Q: When Do Babies Start Growing Hair?

This is a hard question to answer on when do babies start growing hair, agree? Some parents especially new parents concern about the baby being bald and start asking when will the hair grow.

Babies are different when they born in growing hair. Some babies will stay bald for years while others will have a full head of hair as soon as they are born. We must aware that there’s a very wide range of normal when it comes to baby hair growth.

It can be difficult to predict when your baby will start growing hair because growth patterns have a great deal of variety from child to child. Some babies will have very little hair when they are born while others will already have heads covered in hair. Infants will also lose all the hair they had at birth within the initial 6 months of their life. Sometimes this hair will grow back, though it will have a different texture and color than it did initially. Some babies may be without hair for some time before their hair grows back. Either way is perfectly normal and your child’s hair will grow back even if it takes time before the growth is noticeable.

A parent should not be concerned if their baby appears to have more or less hair than others. It is more important that you understand the best way to properly care for your baby’s hair.



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