How Often To Sterilize Baby Bottles And Feeding Gears

Sterilizing the bottles of the baby is very important same as pacifiers, sippy cups, or other feeding gears. As parents, we must assure the safety of our babies that’s why we assure that all the things they use are all clean and safe for their health.

The question how often should we sterilize the bottles and some other feeding gears.

Well, I think parents have different thoughts about this questions because I ask some parents on how often they sterilized the baby bottles and feeding gear and some answer the question that they sterilized it once a week. They believed that sterilizing once a week is already enough to clean the feeding gears of the baby by using only soap and water.a

While other say that sterilizing the feeding gear of the infant is no need unless your water supply is suspected to harbor contaminated bacteria, it is as safe for your baby as it is for you. Sterilizing the bottles and nipples is also unwarranted. Thorough cleaning with soap and water gets rid of almost all germs.

What ever it is, you sterilize it once a week or not, the most important is prevention is better than cure. It’s better to assure the health of our loved once than to say sorry at the end.



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  1. Rawlings says:

    keeping the child safe sound and healthy is very important

  2. Seanna says:

    When I babysat in-home, I would put the baby bottles and soothers in the dishwasher at night and then run it. It seemed to sanitize everything well 🙂

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