Always Use Sunscreen For Your Kids

The Sun. Earth’s nearest star is a fantastic thing…but she’s a nasty little lady in her hotness. Like anything that feels good, too much of it can be downright life threatening. Though Superman’s Kryptonian biological makeup is enhanced by the Sun’s rays, we mere mortals must protect ourselves from her ultra-violet assault.

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The shelf of sunscreen at the store provides endless options of endless range, from SPF to price tag. And while all SPF’s of the same protection value might look the same, they are not. Their composition can vary as wildly as their SPF. And as it turns out, the kiddos have this one right!

The most effective sunscreens out there boast zinc oxide in the active ingredients. A close second, according the experts, is titanium dioxide. So what’s the big deal if it all gets you where you need to go? Well, it’s physical vs. chemical. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical, natural components that block the Sun’s rays by coating the skin’s surface. It not only does not require time to absorb, it doesn’t absorb. Translation: immediate protection, broader spectrum coverage, and no absorption.

Sunscreens with zinc oxide (or titanium dioxide) are available in “adult” form. Just check out the lables. However, if you want to make it easier on yourself, just compare labels on the sunscreens made for kids. Almost universally across the board, you will find that sunscreens for children contain one of these in the active ingredients. It makes sense, as we tend to protect the ones who can’t yet protect themselves with maximum effort.

So the next time someone makes fun of you for your pink bottle of sunscreen, compare labels! 

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