iPhone Released Breastfeeding Emoji

Breastfeeding Emoji, iPhone Breastfeeding

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: Nursing moms like to text each other. I mean, we’re stuck in one place, without two hands free to read a real book, so a dextrous person can make good use of that downtime to get caught up with pals.

And in many cases, if said mom has friends who are also moms to young babies, they might be doing the very same thing. Or maybe not! All kinds of people feed babies in all kinds (well, two) ways. Either way, there’s a new shorthand for “bb on boob”: iPhone has released an image of the soon-to-arrive breastfeeding emoji, along with a new class that includes vomit face, zombies and a much-awaited woman in a hijab.

Breastfeeding Emoji, iPhone Breastfeeding



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  1. BF Mom says:

    ohhhh…. this certainly leads to normalization of breastfeeding and awareness at the same time. And that breastfeeding is a very natural thing to do.

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