10 Lessons Fatherhood Has Taught Me

10 lessons fatherhood taught me in the new chapter of my life. Being a father is not an easy job. When I became an official father last April of 2015 what’s on my mind is just hug and cuddle that baby boy, but days months and years past I can say that it is not an easy task of being a father. I can now felt what my father felt when we are young on how he works so hard for us to give food on our table. I can now understand why some fathers are willing to be killed or to kill for his family especially if somebody will harm one of the his family members.

More than anything else, becoming a father has helped me gain a better understanding of the nature of our relationship with God. So, while I certainly realize that I am only at the beginning of this great adventure called parenthood (and have a LOT more to learn). I think fatherhood is like a game that you need to level up every now and then. There are 10 lessons that I learned being fatherhood.

  1. Family is Everything

    • I observed this in our family that what ever happen family is always there to support or back-up you during your bad times and good times. So being a father and the head of the family I like to apply this.
  1. Patience Is Important As father

    • Yes, patience is really important because kids could not easily understand on what they are doing. Same as our 2 years old son that he keeps running, climbing and jumping which he thinks it is cool but in my side as father it is dangerous for him on what he is doing. So, I keep explaining him to not do that and this but he still he played on his way. So bring lots of patience when you are the one to take good care of your kids on that day.
  1. You Have Something Larger Than You To Take Care Of

    • Through the self-absorption of the 20s, it is easy to forget that we are nothing in this world but the legacy we leave behind. And leaving behind a family that will miss you as a father is one of life’s better achievements.
  1. Women Are Worth All The Respect In The World

    • Giving birth is not easy and I think it is a traumatizing experience for them because lot things will happen. What I saw was life-changing. It is only fair that as men, we support women unconditionally as they battle various life demons.
  1. Our Children Is Our Source Of Happiness

    • Do you agree with this? Every time I went home and saw our son it gives me happiness and new strength. So I give time to play with him although I felt so tired, children deserve a playtime from their parents. Lets play with them while they are kids to cherish this moment because when they start in their teens stage you only few times to play with them.
  1. Being A Dad Is A Daily Battle

    • Between transcendent moments there is laundry and fights and impossible schedules. Transcendence is a result of showing up, day after day after day.
  1. Fathering gives structure and purpose to life

    • In a way that is a relief, in a world where there are few easy answers. When you love your kids, being a good dad comes first—before work, before friends, before anything but perhaps your marriage. There it’s often a tie.
  1. Stop and Enjoy The Moment

    • There have been so many special moments with our son Eli.  It was exciting to see his smile develop and to watch him learn to laugh.  I think I could sit for hours and just watch him peacefully sleep.

Many dads miss these little moments.  They miss the birth.  They miss the first few years.  They miss the school years   and I think there are reasons why these were happened. Maybe it is because the father needs to work away from home or work out of the country; maybe they are soldiers that need to serve the country or what so ever the reason is.

And the worse is that, they ran the obligations as the father because they are not ready yet to become father. They waste the time to become a father for that child.

God calls me as a parent to train up our children.  That means it is my responsibility, not someone else’s.  I won’t miss the moments with my kids.

  1. Thanks God For Everything

    • Say thank you to our father God for a good health, wisdom, graces, gift of family, being safe for everyday and peaceful mind. These are the basics that we need to say thank you. Because we believed that God above all things.
  1. Learn How To Change Diaper

    • This is the moment you will learn to change diapers to your children. We don’t depend to our wife to change the diaper but instead we need to learn as the day our child was born.

Father Quote of the Day:

It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.



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  1. Indrani says:

    So well said about fatherhood. Lots have been told for motherhood, but one must not forget father’s role is equally important. I am glad you enumerated your experiences well. A delicate topic handled well.

  2. Reading an article like this is really interesting. I may not see myself as a father real soon, but this helps me understand the real essence of being a father. I also love the fact that you were able to elucidate it very well for us and truly this is something I can ponder. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I as well share this to my friends who are now a father. I truly appreciate this so much.

  3. theresa says:

    I wonder what does my hubby got to say about this. I’ll ask him tomorrow when he comes back to work hehe. I admit that there are a lot of changes in my life but I’m not sure with him. I feel that he is still living the life he had before.

  4. Milton Coyne says:

    I am not a father yet but I know I will be someday. I am turning 30 this year and it’s funny that I started to have this kind of thoughts of becoming a father and to work hard for my family. There’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the same time but I’m sure this would be a very rewarding experience and possibly the most amazing phase of every men’s life.

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