12 Ideas For Busy Parents To Bond Into Your Kids

Because of being busy parents we admit that sometimes we forgot to do bonding to our kids that they need it from us as their parents. We need to balance the demands of family life, career, and social commitments; the odds are in your favour when it comes to parenting. Here are top 12 ideas to bond the kids for the busy parents.

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  1. Playing and Reading

    – As parents, it is our responsibility to play with them if we have time, the longer time the better. We must know our schedule to balance these this activity like alternate during weeknights and then pair up during weekends. We need to do this as parents because it is important in establishing an emotional connection with your kids early on. By doing this bonding to our kids in practical level, enjoying these tiny, isolated moments can help build your confidence in raising the little ones..

  2. Working Out With Kids

    – This is not your daily jobs that you pass to them then let them work..LOL.. In serious matter, I have a friend and we are classmates in college, right now his oldest is 11 years old and there bonding moment is to join Ironman Triathlon all around Philippines. They practice together and train together. Right now they have new pastime if they don’t have training and that is to do mounting climbing. While you’re at it, embed in their young minds the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

  3. Sending your Kids off to School

    – Yes you are a busy working parents but it doesn’t mean you could not bond with your preteen or teenager in early in the morning. We can still preserve the earliest part of your day by driving your children to or dropping off your children at school occasionally. You can play and listen and understand the needs of your 11-year-old girl or 12-year-old boy with them while you are in the car or public transportation this is according to the expert.

  4. Sunday is Family Day

    – In the Philippines, Sunday is the day for the family where they spend this day together. Going to church for say thank you for the grace that family received then eat together. Eating together with your family is very good idea because while you are in the table you can talk on what you did in a week. Talk and laugh is the best bonding with your kids as busy parents. Then at night watch movies together before going to bed or do open forum to your children to avoid secrets.

  5. Traveling with your Kids

    – Before we get married to my EX now my wife we love to travel around and in fact out of 81 provinces in the Philippines we already visited 56 of these provinces. We travel 2-3 times a month, which as boyfriend and girlfriend this is our bonding moment and also to get away from our stress work. This time, we travel with our kids at least 3-4 times a year. J The point is to travel, experience a change of scenery, explore new things, and build good memories together with your kids and husband/wife. As the kids grow up, they get to look forward to doing something cool or fun with mum and dad each year.

  6. Teach Them how to handle Emotions

    – Yes, we need to teach them how to handle their emotions especially if they are already in school. We can them in 1 on 1 at the end of the day to let them reflect on a wrongdoing just for five minutes. These simple acts will go far in helping your kids gain better self-awareness and self-control as they grow up.

  7. Establish and set rules

    “If you don’t manage your child’s behavior when he is young, he will have a hard time learning how to manage himself when he is older and you aren’t around. Any time of the day or night, you should always be able to answer these three questions: Where is my child? Who is with my child? What is my child doing? The rules your child has learned from you are going to shape the rules he applies to himself.”

  8. Play with their friends

    Sometimes we need to play with the friends of our kids to let us know who are their friends and who’s the people around them. Playing with their friends is a really good idea not all the time but at least you have some time to play or talk with them. You can invite their friends in your house to have some snacks and observe what kind of friends that your kids have.

  9. Create Art:

    Pull out the paint and art supplies (you should have plenty of you have kids) and spend some time together on creating some art.

  10. Outing

    Aside on travel, outing once in a while is really good idea for busy parents. Go to beach, do some picnic in the park. Aside that you have time to your children you can also relax from your stress work.

  11. Organize family work efforts.

    Example:  “Let’s all clean the house” or “Let’s get the yard work done.” One dad said, “Too often parents are doing the household chores and the kids are playing video games. Kids need chores … they can make major contributions to the operation of a household.”

  12. Protect your marriage in the busyness of life.

    Lastly and I think one of the most important in this post. Does your spouse feel like you spend more focused time with the kids than you do with him/her? Could this be relieved by carpooling or limiting the children’s involvement on various sports teams or school clubs? Have you reserved special time for just you and your spouse?

Parent Quote of the day:

Parents can plant magic in a child’s mind through certain words spoken with some thrilling quality of voice, some uplift of the heart and spirit.



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