Best 6 Rs That Parents Must Teach To Their Kids

As newly born parents we know that we have lots of things that we need to know on how to take good care of our kids. As parents we work very hard for their future to have a wonderful life and to land a good job or to run there on businesses in the future. Parenting skills is really important to educate our kids and teach them the right path of life.

Today, I learn about 5 Rs that I think it can help the development of our kids. I’m not saying that this is effective because I just read it but I think it can help grow our kids before the first day of kindergarten.

  • Read With Them

    • This is very common but effective way as your bonding. Reading everyday with your child is a really good moment especially before bedtime. Reading is a joyful way to build strong and healthy parent-child relationships and stimulate early language development.
  • Rhyme

    • When it come to play and cuddle your child everyday. With this they feel safe in your arms and being protected.
  • Routines

    • We need to develop this one as part of their development grows particularly around meals, sleep and family fun. With this routine you give them small responsibility to look forward and teach them being a responsible person.
  • Reward

    • After they accomplished their daily routines then lets give them a small reward. With this, the child promotes positive behavior and build self-esteem.
  • Relationship

    • Lets develop this important part of to our family, the relationship. If the family has this good relationship our child will have surely a good foundation for their healthy development.
  • Respect

    • Teach them how to respect others as well as their grandparents. Teach them to respect their grandparents because nothing good will happen to our kids if they don’t have a respect.

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Real Talk: Sometimes it’s all too easy to hand the kids a tablet instead of picking up a book.

Parent Quote of the Day:

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.



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