Being A Parent Is Not An Easy Task

I’m sure parents who read in this article will agree with me about being a parent is not an easy task. As we observed in this millennial generation that early-pregnancy is growing due to curiosity in this things called s*x. There are some questions that we need to answer if we have planned to enter into the parenthood world.

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  1. Are you ready accepting the responsibility as parent? Being a parent is a fulltime job not part-time. So think as many as you can before you decide to bring a child in this world because it is a lifelong responsibility. Imagine this, how you plan to cope with the stress of having kids in the house and at the same time, you should also visualize a life without children. Now that you are young, you may be happy without kids, but a time might come that you will regret not having children running around in your house.
  2. Are you a good parent? We are just humans and we are not perfect but we have a capability to become a good parent and to become a role model to our children. It’s just that they need the strength to guide their kids in the right direction throughout their life. Parents should be ready to nurture and support the child by providing comfort, love, attention and time. While they are young let’s spend a very good time for them and while we are still healthy to play with them.
  3. Is your partner also willing to become a parent like you? Since you are planning to become a parent and want to have your family so you must also consider the decision of your partner because parenting is a joint responsibility, both parents must agree to shoulder the duties of bringing up a child. As we become a parent we must know the characters that we have as parents as well as your partner.
  4. Are you ready to change your lifestyle? You should answer this question by yourself if you are willing to change your lifestyle as a single into a family person. Before becoming a parent, it is important to take a good look at your lifestyle and be mindful about what you eat and how often you exercise. When you are planning to have a baby, it is essential that parents should refrain from drinking and smoking completely. Parents should be ready to change their habits and sleeping time according to the needs of the child.
  5. Do you have the important resources? The resources that I am talking about the most important and basics need like money, food, shelter, clothing and time.
    1. Money – because as parent we must ready not only in physically, emotionally but we must be ready in financially to provide on what they want or what the family want.
    2. Food – this is one of the most important needs in the family and as parents we must provide this need to our family.
    3. Shelter – In the Philippines most of the newly wed couples don’t have there own house and not ready to separate to their parents although they are already married. We must consider to have our own shelter if we have planned to build our own family because not all time our parents are there to support us. Real talk, to have our own home we are comfortable to do what we are planning to do because it is our own home. We can put what ever we want and the most important is that we can play to our children anytime even it is late night.
    4. Time – the most important to give time to our children. To show them how we love them and how we support them. And as the child grows up, you should ideally be able to support his/her physical, educational and emotional requirements.

We just remember that we are just humans and we are not perfect but we have a capability to become a good parents to our children and guide them in the right path to become successful in life.

Our Quote of the day.

Don’t demand respect as a parent. Demand civility and insist on honesty. But respect is something you must earn — with kids as well as with adults.



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